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Summer Heat Advisory Tips: Windshield Repair for Drivers in Dallas

It’s summer again in Dallas, with local temperatures peaking between 90 to 100 degrees each day. This season is usually characterized by long road trips for family vacations and a lot of outdoor activities. Before embarking on these, you may want to make sure your car is up for the trip. Cracked windshields, for one, are almost a summer tradition in Texas, and the baking sun can only make things worse.

In light of the heat, Virtual Strategy Magazine outlined a few helpful tips from the Auto Glass Safety Council to get your car – especially its auto glass – ready for these harsh summer temperatures in Dallas. Neglecting to do so may soon find you in dire need of a windshield repair.


What Nature of Damages Require a Windshield Replacement in Dallas?

Imagine you are cruising 60 mph down the road in North Dallas, relishing the warm summer breeze, when you hear the sound of something hitting your windshield. You probably ignore it and just enjoy the rest of your drive, only to get home and discover a small chip or crack on the glass. You’ll need to have it checked out ASAP or risk the chip spreading.

When chips and cracks appear, you may be wondering whether to repair or replace your windshield. Your decision will actually depend on a couple of factors, namely: the type, size, location and depth of the damage. You may also want to consider whether to pay for the damage out of pocket or through your insurance coverage.